GtkICQ Troubles

For some time now, I've been unable to get GtkICQ to work. First off,
this is a RedHat 5.2 (x86) system, using the GNOME 0.99.2 RPM's, GTK
1.1.12.... Tried using both GtkICQ 0.58pre, as well as numerous copies
out of the CVS server.

Everything compiles and links fine, but when I go to run GtkICQ, I get a
message saying it can't connect to the esound server. It then proceeds
to just sit idle until killed. I tried running esd, which seems to get
caught in an endless loop while in it's initialization process. And, I
eventually (a few minutes later) get annoyed with the little noises it
makes, and kill it. If I run esd in the background, and then try running
GtkICQ, it still proceeds to prompty hang, just without any kind of
error message this time.

Does anyone have any solutions or suggestions to try?


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