Drive-Mount bug continues, report if wanted.

Same old, same old after recompile of  I would feel a bit more
motivated about providing a full bug report on this one if the developer
wanted to apologize for the ill-considered remarks about using 0.99.0
(wait a minute, it actually worked better in that tarball than in the
later tarballs, maybe we have something there).

Bug, I say.  Maybe it's the interaction between the newest Orbit and the
stale code from 0.99.0 when the drive-mount applet came the closest to
working?  Shrug.  Or maybe the cvs updates didn't make it into the
tarball due to the RAID mess-up.  No way for me to check that.

Wanda's sitting pretty, mini-commander, modem lights -- the usual
suspects are okay.  Drive-mount ain't okay, but if the developer wants
to declare it okay on all systems other than mine, whether it is really
or not, I certain won't argue with him.  And I can't prove that it
doesn't work just peachy keen on all other systems, either.

And if it's really true, then there's nothing lost.  I'll be getting a
RedHat 5.2 system soon enough.

Saves me time not to have to give a developer a bug report anyway. If he
doesn't care, I don't.

Funny how other things are working better, though, except for gtop.
Broken pipe there when I try to run it in an xterm.  Martin, back to you
sometime tomorrow.

Rebecca Ore

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