Re: Problems+Patch for GtkICQ

I have not tried may of the gnome apps yet. Once I fix my corrupted MBR and
get linux (RH 5.2) back up and running I plan on enabling it with
WindowMaker.  I have a p233 and the java version seemed to run just fine.
I tried a curses version of ICQ .. eechk. I then tried LICQ and it was a
little better but not as good as the real thing.  I will give gtkicq a
whirl before I attempt the huge DL needed for the javaSDK again.  
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On 1/14/99, at 1:36 PM, Richard Hult wrote: 

>> Any reason why all these ICQ clones are popping up when ICQ has an
>> version for Linux?   I run it fine but I do have to su root to start it
>> to path problem that I have been lazy about fixing.  I'm just curious.
>There is no official version for Linux, is there? There is one for Java
>but it sucks and doesn't have all the features.
>If it exists, can you tell me where to find it cause it's not on their
>download page...
>And even if there existed one, I would use gtkicq, simply because:
>It's better in some areas (like when you reply to a msg, you see the
>msg you're replying to)
>It looks better (theeeeeemable! :)
>It's open source
>It's gnomeware

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