Re: Problems+Patch for GtkICQ

Any reason why all these ICQ clones are popping up when ICQ has an offical
version for Linux?   I run it fine but I do have to su root to start it do
to path problem that I have been lazy about fixing.  I'm just curious.

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On 1/14/99, at 12:20 PM, Ian Campbell wrote: 

>I've made a patch to fix a few small problems with GtkICQ, these are:
>1) GtkICQ did not start up from the panel "add applet" menu.
>2) Double clicking the applet was supposed to hide/show the main window
>and it wasn't, I've fixed that, and cured the gtk-warning during startup
>in the process.
>3) When starting as an applet, there was code commented out that made the
>main window not appear, I assume this was because of #2 so I uncommented
>the code.
>I have attached a patch to the code and a new file GtkICQ.gnorba which
>should be added to the src/ subdirectory.
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