MegMail of things I noticed

here are a bunch of things I notice when actually *using* gnome as a end user

gnome calc:
CE/C button does the same as AC instead of keeping the "stack" and just removing current value

gnome calendar:
cannot edit events from week or month view

suggested anvas based pinball game (tigert)
suggested canvas based snooker/pool game (tigert)

starts at 0,0, all other apps manage to get placed by windowmanager

gnome-pager in panel:
pager windows flicker when windows change focus in wmaker

cannot edit out existing apps using session-properties

add windowmanager specific plugins maybe? 

suggested that it be archived so everyone can read it (LotR)

editbox for locations is messed up,
	doesn't accept ftp:// urls
	after selecting part or all, backspace doesn't delete selected portion
		of selected text 
progress bar on copy doesn't work

mailbox list is too skinny and can't be resized
all paths come up as <crap>/.orbitrc/<path> on first run

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