egcs and gnome-core


Well I think I finally figured out how to fix the gnome-core-
compile problem and I would recommend the same for anyone putting
together any other parts of the package, I noticed a few people
had problems compiling other parts of the package and I can recommend
don't use the gcc compiler that comes with your OS or even the latest
version of gcc (2.8.1) and use the latest version of the egcs compiler 
system. (Or at least this version: egcs-2.90.27 980315 (egcs-1.0.2

My gnome-core FINALLY compiled properly and NO errors! Now the problem
with the
missing files from the applets directory and configure complaining about
is another matter!

Hope this helps anyother person trying to build Gnome!

Thank you, 


Chris Steinke			 Dream Pictures Studios Ariake-Japan
Systems Operations and Technology
Control-G if you Grok Open Source Software

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