Re: My Little Wish List for Gnome

On Wed, 13 Jan 1999, Daniel Burrows wrote:
>   (it just occured to me to worry about what happens when a program is
>   removed, but I believe Gnome's menu items contain info about how to
>   tell which programs are installed, right?  So this would be automagically
>   handled..unless the program removed its .dektop entry.  Ouch.  I think
>   both our schemes have a problem there.  Maybe not though, this just
>   occured to me)

I think that currently it is handled by the "test before" item (I think)

I don't think a program being removed would cause problems for either of
us. In each case you would have a stale .desktop in the users menu, but it
would be easy to ignore.

In your case the equivalent system menu .desktop did not exist then it
would be ignored 

in my case if the default=...desktop was not there the use enty would be

Probably in both cases the user should be askd if he wants to delete the
stale .desktop file....


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