Re: My Little Wish List for Gnome

On Wed, Jan 13, 1999 at 05:22:27PM +0000, Ian Campbell was heard to say:
> oops..
> I also meant to say that having a separate file for each app allows
> install progs/`make install` to just drop in a file to register
> themselves. Rather than parsing a file (which they would have to do if thy
> were replacing a previous version of themselves)
> Ian.

  Yeah.  I'll respond to the rest of what you said in a minute, but I'm
all for this. :-)  I was just thinking that there's no real reason that
the user menus (in my scheme) need to be made up of lots of separate files,
but it could be done if it was the more convenient way.

  (it just occured to me to worry about what happens when a program is
  removed, but I believe Gnome's menu items contain info about how to
  tell which programs are installed, right?  So this would be automagically
  handled..unless the program removed its .dektop entry.  Ouch.  I think
  both our schemes have a problem there.  Maybe not though, this just
  occured to me)

  Daniel Burrows

  Nothing is hopeless.

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(b) If something _is_ hopeless, then its condition can only improve.
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(d) Therefore, nothing is hopeless.  QED.

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