Re: GNOME 0.99.3 "Profiling Bonobo" is out

Miguel de Icaza <> writes:

> The following packages have been released:
> 	gnome-libs-0.99.3.tar.gz
> 	gnome-core-0.99.3.tar.gz
> 	mc-4.5.7.tar.gz

Some issues ...

* LibGTop:

  You can still use LibGTop 0.99.2 (libgtop-0.99.2.tar.gz) for GNOME 0.99.3 -
  there weren't any changes since that.

  The latest version of LibGTop can be found at:

  This means if you already have GNOME 0.99.2 installed there is no need to
  worry about LibGTop - you already have the correct version of it.

* GTop:

  I need to prepare a mathematical seminar for next week, so I don't have
  time to make a new release of it - there were some changes in CVS to make
  it conform with the new menu standards, but that's not yet fully complete.

  If anyone wants to know how it looks like, please use the latest version
  from CVS - I really have no time to make a release until next week ...


   Martin Baulig - Angewandte Mathematik - Universitaet Trier,

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