GNOME 0.99.3 "Profiling Bonobo" is out

	  GNOME 0.99.3 "Profiling Bonobo" has been released

Hello guys,

   The GNOME 0.99.3 distribution (the Profiling Bonobo release) has
been released and it is available for download.  

* Location

   You can get the GNOME 0.99.3 distribution from:

The following packages have been released:


   Mirrors should pick it up soon.

   You need at least version 1.1.12 of GTK+ and glib for Profiling
Bonobo, you can fetch these from:

   The new version has support for the new Dynamic Imlib (Imlib 1.9),
you can fetch this version of Imlib from:

* CVS information

   The GNOME 0.99.3 released modules have been tagged on CVS with
the GNOME_0_99_3 tag.

* What is new in this version:

	- Many bug fixes reported with version 0.99.2	

	- Removed dead or unused code.

	- Many portability fixes have been installed, should compile
	  out of the box on IRIX, Solaris and HP-UX now.

	- Nat Friedman and George Lebl spent a couple of days
	  standarizing the menus of the GNOME applications.  

In the libraries:

	- Speed ups, API exportation to speed up file manager
	  bootstrap on NFS $HOMEs.

	- Gnome Name Server uses one meg less of memory.

	- Various memory leak fixes, various memory saving fixes.

	- More API entry points documented.  

	- Updated the GNOME suggestions document for writing
	  consistent GNOME applications (Nat and George did a great

	- Reduced memory saving by not loading music samples (only
	  applies if you compile GNOME with sound support).

	- Updated the session management code (gnome_client_get_flags)

In gnome-core:

	- Dead applets: Old battery monitor; bussign. 
	- GNOME terminal allows for setting the title from the command
	  line. Saves the session in character instead of pixels.

	- Panel: Many bug fixes, many memory leaks fixes.

In the file manager:

	- Improved startup time:

		- Metadata locking is now donw in a block of
	          operations (this needs the new gnome-libs 0.99.3).

		- Tree cache.  The contents of the tree are now


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