Re: gdm problems

On Mon, Jan 11, 1999 at 10:01:30PM +0100, Martin Kasper Petersen was heard to say:
> I have spent the past week rewriting most of the daemon code. The new
> stuff is pushing its way through my modem line to as I
> write this. Please try out the new code.

  Well, I finally got the new gdm code (the anon server took a while to pick
it up)..unfortunately, I made the mistake of updating everything else too.
Now all the Gnome modules (almost) die horribly with:

/usr/local/gnome/lib/ undefined reference to `gtk_toggle_button_se

  Looks like a function was removed in gtk and maybe the new versions of the
other modules aren't ready or haven't gotten to the anonymous servers.  Anyway,
I'll see if I can fix this myself (might just be a matter of changing a
function name somewhere, or maybe I messed up my libgtk somehow..(it's been
fine across several version numbers though)

  Daniel Burrows

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(b) If something _is_ hopeless, then its condition can only improve.
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(d) Therefore, nothing is hopeless.  QED.

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