Re: gdm problems

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Burrows <> writes:

Hi there,

Daniel>   Hi, I'm trying to get gdm (fresh from CVS) to work and I've
Daniel>   run into a few snags/problems:

Daniel> (a) The directory (prefix)/var/gdm isn't installed with the
Daniel>     right permissions, so I had to chmod it to 770. (it
Daniel>     actually had less permissions, rwxr-x---, but gdm
Daniel>     complained)

Yeap. This was fixed in my tree a few days ago. The check itself was
wrong, actually. The gdm group should not have write permission to the
authentication directory.

But thanks for reporting.

Daniel> (b) This is the real problem: No greeter appears.  In my
Daniel>       syslog I get:


Daniel>     It looks like something is sending a SIGUSR1 to gdm, could
Daniel>     this be the problem?  

No. That is correct behavior. If you set USR1 to SIG_IGNORE before
starting an Xserver it will send a SIGUSR1 to its parent process
(i.e. gdm) when it is ready to accept connections.

I.e. the USR1 you see is a ``Hey I am ready, open windows on my
display'' message from the Xserver.

The real reason for the failing greeter is a nasty race condition due
to a wrong design decision on my part.

I have spent the past week rewriting most of the daemon code. The new
stuff is pushing its way through my modem line to as I
write this. Please try out the new code.


Martin Kasper Petersen			BOFH, IC1&2, Aalborg University, DK

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