Re: closing extra fd's in gnome_execute_*

On 11 Jan 1999, Martin Baulig wrote:

> Elliot Lee <> writes:
> > On 10 Jan 1999, Martin Baulig wrote:
> > 
> > > Well, if I understand this correctly, any program expecting any other file
> > > descriptor than 0, 1 or 2 open won't work when invoked in the shell for
> > > most people (don't know - is something like `foo 5<bar' valid shell syntax?).
> > 
> > Yes. configure scripts depend on this working.
> Well, is this really an issue for gnome_execute_* () ? Normally configure
> scripts are invoked in a shell like bash, the shell opens the file
> descriptors and passes them to the configure scripts - but when do one
> use gnome_execute to invoke a configure script ?

You can't use gnome_execute to exec a configure script :).  It needs to
run in a shell.  If someone writes a sh compatible shell using gnome, they
can call gnome_execute_async_with_fds and get the old behavior.  It would
be much better to add a flag to gnome_execute_async to see if the FD's
should be closed or not, but we can do that if its really necessary during
the next devel cycle after 1.0.

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