Re: gnome-core 0.99.2 tarball is useless - REMOVE IT THEN

>From: Miguel de Icaza <>
>I am the culprit.

Brave man, sticking your head over the parapet like that =O)

I can only say that trying to build the pre-release tarballs *without* being on 
this list first is not altogether sane.  I have found the speed of response from 
the developers about problems I've found (and sometimes fixed, sometimes asked 
for help) to be amazing - far faster than the developers of the commercial 
software I support for a living.

Just goes to prove why the Open Software community is so worth trying to be a 
part of. ;O)

Anyway, before trying to build the next release, make sure you're on this alias, 
and watch here regularly for comments and fixes about/for it.  It helped me no 
end - and believe me, getting GNOME up on a SPARC/Solaris 8 box is far harder 
than on a Linux/Intel system.

I'm planning to properly document all the tweaks and hacks I make in getting the 
next release built and running here and make a webpage of it.  This will help me 
remember what I did when I have to do it again next time round, hopefully will 
help others build their own, and most importantly might help the developers fix 
the problems in the source before we go FCS.

But I don't expect to be able to do it alone, so if anyone thinks this is a good 
idea and makes a fix to get it running on their own system, please post it to 
me, along with details of your system configuration, so I can make the page more 


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