Button Configuration for Gnomines

I've cobbled together a widget for changing button bindings in an app. 
Currently I've got it tied into gnomines (where my original desire for it 
arose) for demonstration purposes. I've dumped it at :


It isn't entirely Bugg-Free(TM), but it basically works. I'd like peoples 
feedback on whether this sort of thing is useful to gnome and whether it 
is worth taking the idea any further.

The widget presents the user with a list of available buttons and a list 
of available commands and allows them to be associated as desired. It was 
written primarily with games in mind since most apps have standard 
bindings (e.g. right button menus), but it could be incorporated into the 
control-center to give more convoluted button rearrangements than the 
standard left-handed/right-handed choices.

The tar-file needs to be extracted in the gnome-games directory and 
either needs to be copied over gnomines or added to autoconfigs list of 
directories, then autogen.sh needs to be run (with apologies to all those 
who like things to work out of the box).

There is a README with additional information.

 - Callum

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