Volunteers for cordinating the i18n effort are requested

Hello guys,

   The GNOME project is looking for volunteers to take over a number
of tasks aimed at updating the GNOME localization files (the ones that
make GNOME applications run in various languages) as well as
cordinating the efforts of the international teams that are
transalting GNOME documentation.

   We have a number of tasks open:

       - A team that will be responsible for receiving updated pot
         files from the various international teams for the various
         GNOME modules on CVS.

         Members of this team will receive a CVS account to check the
         information into the GNOME tree.

       - A team that will be responsible of cordinating maintaining
         the international documentation in CVS.

	 Members of this team will receive both a CVS account to check
	 in the documentation and they will also be granted shell
	 access to the GNOME web site to let them maintain the web
	 pages for the localization projects.

    If you are interested in working in any of those teams, please
send me mail and subscribe to the gnome-i18n@nuclecu.unam.mx mailing
list (this mailing list is controlled by Majordomo, send a mail to
majordomo@nuclecu.unam.mx and put "subscribe" in the subject).

Best wishes,

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