Re: FreeBSD ports

Jason Ish <> writes:

> Yes, but wouldn't it be nice if GNOME compile out of the box on Linux,
> NetBSD, OpenBSD and FreeBSD?
> I once heard someone mention here:  If it doesn't compile out of the box
> on another free unix (other than linux), its a problem of ours.

Correct. If it doesn't compile out of the box on another free unix,
it is a problem of ours.

Well, like with SRPMS, you _can_ use patches in the *BSD ports collections,
yes - but they also contain thinks like comments and a file list, and I
think this is up to the *BSD maintainers.

However, we have to make sure that you can use the unchanged sources in
the ports and they they do not need to contain any patches. This was my


> On Sun, Jan 10, 1999 at 07:46:20PM +0100, Martin Baulig wrote:
> > 
> > just had a short look at the FreeBSD web site - they already have ports
> > for most parts of GNOME so I think it's not worth making our one ones -
> > they FreeBSD maintainers will take care about this:
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