Re: Suggestion: put .rpm & .deb packacking scripts in CVS

I think having rpm and dep targets would be a great idea.  I have been
stearing clear of .tar.gz distributions for the last year for the
simple reason that they are not easily uninstalled or upgraded.  A
couple of years ago I had so much crap on my system that decided to
nuke my Linux installation and start from scratch!

A 'make rpm; rpm -U ...' option would be a welcome enhancement for us
anal types eager for early Gnome access.  It would also expose
packaging problems at an earlier stage.


>>>>> On Sun, 10 Jan 1999 14:56:39 +1100, Richard Browne <> said:

  RB> Todd Graham Lewis wrote:

  >> On Sat, 9 Jan 1999, Gleef wrote:
  >> > I don't know about DEBs, but the only part of making an RPM that takes
  >> > thought is the spec file.  All of the main GNOME packages include this
  >> > spec file in their toplevel directory.  Most of them have a debian
  >> > directory as well, so I think debs are probably covered too.
  >> That said, it would be nice if 'deb' and 'rpm' were top-level make
  >> targets, as well as FreeBSD's /usr/ports.  Are patches to accomplish
  >> this welcome?

  RB> Even simpler perhaps, a script that does everything, including running
  RB> configure before making all the sub-packages. This means a newbie can untar
  RB> the files, run a single script, and have it all just happen. ?

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