Re: zlibish problems with cvs gnome-libs

  I've got a few answers for this one:

[Jeff Garzik]
>  You have an extra libz.* in /usr/X11R6/lib or similar.  Remove
>  that and things will work again.

[Pedro Corte-Real]
>  This one is in the faq but i think you just have to remove some
>  libs (libzlib.<something>) from /usr/X11R6/lib

[Miguel de Icaza]
>  This problem is documented in the GNOME faq.

  Couldn't find it in the FAQ.  If it is in there, it would a lot
more convenient if it was in the problems section.  I ended going
up through the list archives and, surprise surprise, found this
very discussion quite some time ago with roughly the same solutions.

  To fix it "right", I'm rebuilding everything (my whole homebrew
dist) and trying to find out where it creeps in.  It looks like
XFree86 has a "HasZlib" setting that may not be enabled by default
for Linux.
							--- john

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