Re: some comments on gmc

Justin Ross wrote:
> >> ** There is no way to completely quit gmc without an "skill gmc".
> >Should we add one?  thing is: the file manager also controls the
> >desktop.
> In my opinion, making this option too explicit will confuse users
> starting out in Gnome.  They'll end up having to choose between quitting
> and quitting gmc.  The difference isn't clear to the uninitiated.  On
> the other hand, it should be an option.  Maybe the appropriate place to
> put this option is in the session-manager config panel.
> Justin

No, Close closes the window, Exit exits the app. If the preferences idea
I posted earlier is followed, everybody is happy, but putting Gmc quit
options in the Session Manager is a really, really poor idea:

Q: "How do I quit my file manager, Gtop says it's still running?"

A: "The file manager also displays root window icons, so you shouldn't
quit it."

Q: "But I don't have any root window icons."

A: "Ok, go to Foot|System|Session Manager Properties, and open it up,
then close the file manager from there."

Q: "But why doesn't the file manager just quit if I don't have any root
window icons, or if I don't want them?"

A: "Beats me, talk to _______."

    Jim Cape

    "All animals are equal, some animals
     are more equal than others."
         -- George Orwell, Animal Farm

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