Re: Release 0.99.2 of gnome-libs/gnome-core and mc-4.5.5

> I also had to "rm /usr/local/gnome/bin/new-object" for "make install" to work - 
> Otherwise it died horribly. But too late I got the patch for that on this list  
> =OZ - thanks anyway, always good to know it's not just me ;O)

Can you post the details?  I can not see how this would fail.

> Firstly, in gnome-libs, I had to add -D__EXTENSIONS__ to SUPPORTINCS in the 
> Makefile of both zvt and libgnorba, so that a number of typedefs and structure 
> definitions would happen.  

What is the rationale for this change?  Can you provide us with
documentation for this so that we provide the proper configure check?

> Finally, in mc-4.5.5, I had to edit line 9115 of ./configure to comment out a 
> line saying "GNOME_GNORBA_HOOK(,)".  That appears to have fixed it OK, but I 
> can't figure out whay autoconf left that there?  *IS* that just me?

Can you try 4.5.6?

> Also, in po/Makefile again, in POTFILES, I changed ../gnome/gmc-window.c to 
> ../gnome/win.c so it would make.

fixed in 4.5.6 too


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