gmc links and desktop icons


  I noticed some traffic on the list here regarding gmc's behavior when
dragging icons to the root window and thought I'd drop two cents in...

  There's definitely a case to be made here for consistency--I know that I
find it to be incredibly annoying when Windows copies files when I thought
it was linking or moves them when I thought it was copying.  But on the
other hand, the desktop window is mainly used for links to programs or
directories that people will want to access quickly, and having to hold
down several buttons each time you drag something there is annoying, IMO.  So
I am in favor of treating the root window differently and creating links by
default.  But please, please don't treat different types of files differently
when doing this--I think that Windows does this, and it's incredibly
frustrating.  Even if Windows doesn't do it, it would be.  And the root window
should be the only exception, IMO.

  Ok, a couple of other minor things only tangentially related to the main

  (a) if you pick up a file, start dragging it, then change your mind and drop
     it where you began, a dialog pops up informing you that you can't copy
     it there because a file of that name already exists.
  (b) File drag-and-drop doesn't work onto the directory tree
  (c) For root icons which are links, I can't seem to get information about
    what they link to (there's no 'edit symlink' option in the context menu)
    In fact, lots of other stuff is missing from the context menu too.
  (d) Sometimes when a new directory is opened by double-clicking a directory
    icon on the right (if the window was scrolled way down?), the scrollbar
    doesn't revert to the top.  Maybe a GtkRange isn't being reset?
  (e) I think that the default action for DnD ought to be moving (although this
    would be problamatic for the root window)

  Oh, and I love the corefile icon. :-)

  Daniel Burrows

  Nothing is hopeless.

(a) Assume the opposite.
(b) If something _is_ hopeless, then its condition can only improve.
(c) If its condition can only improve, then there must be hope for it.
(d) Therefore, nothing is hopeless.  QED.

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