Putting KDE applications in a GNOME menu.

Hi all,

OK, this is a nasty bit of script work, and just the beginning, but it 
works-ish, and I wanted to see if anyone was interested and/or could improve it, 
or if it had been done already.  Basically, I've written a script that puts a 
KDE Menu with all the Kapplications in it in folders under the G one on the 

I'm sure I'm not the only one to have both GNOME and KDE installed on their 
machine/network.  I've got CDE too.  Previously, I've written a script called 
kde2cde that built the necessary structures so that all KDE applications turned 
up in CDE's Application Manager and could be used on the Front panel.  Now I've 
done similar for GNOME.

Mainly coz I like KDE's applications, but couldn't live with the WM... ;O)

So here's the script.  Make a directory (under ~/.gnome?) and put this in it.  
Then create a Main Menu on your panel, and in the Properties for it change it to 
a Normal/User menu and select /usr/local/kde/share/icons/exec.xpm for its icon 
(or whatever path you have) and the created directory for the Menu itself.  Then 
edit this script to change your $kdehome if necessary, and set it off.

If you choose a different icon for the main directory, you'll need to change all 
the s/exec/... lines in the script to compensate, too.

What you *should* then get is a simple directory structure that shows up as a 
too-long menu on your panel, with some sub-folders for obviously grouped stuff.  
You can do the rest of the menu-shaping yourself with the Menu Editor or by 
hand, or possibly edit this script and send changes back to me?

Comments people?  I'll leave this for now and start work on one to do the same 
for all my CDE applications tomorrow ;O)  Doesn't exactly take long to write.


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