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>>>>> On Wed, 6 Jan 1999 23:51:27 +0100
>>>>> Andrea Bosio <> said:

 Andrea> I'm writing an audio editor which uses esound. Well...
 Andrea> playing in particular 8 bit mono samples through esd I have
 Andrea> very poor quality. The sample "croacks" like an old record...
 Andrea> This happens not only with my app, but also with esdplay! Is
 Andrea> this normal?

Did you forget to --disable-vinyl when configuring?

Well, no kidding, this happens to me, too. Interestingly, there is a
very noticable, continous noise when I do

	esdplay shamen3.wav

but not with the command

	esdcat -b -m -r 22050 shamen3.wav

What's going on here?


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