Re: libtool in gnome-core-0.99.2 SEGVs.

>Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999 13:51:21 +0000 (GMT)
>From: "Mark R. Bowyer" <>
>Took me a while to spot why I was getting broken scripts for "panel" and then 
>"gnome-name-service", but I finally spoted libtool reporting a SEGV but 
>continuing happily on past it while building them.
>The fix to libtool is:
>< "
><         $echo >> $output "\

Nothing's ever that easy, is it?  When I went to use this to re-build 
gnome-name-server et al. under gnome-libs-0.99.2/libgnorba, ../libtool still 
SEGV'd in the same area.  So I ended up having to add another one:

< "
<         $echo >> $output "

Which means that the block of code starting at line 1602 of my generated libtool 
looks like:


        $echo > $output "\
#! /bin/sh

# $output - temporary wrapper script for $objdir/$output
# Generated by - GNU $PACKAGE $VERSION
# The $output program cannot be directly executed until all the libtool
# libraries that it depends on are installed.
# This wrapper script should never be moved out of \``pwd`'.
# If it is, it will not operate correctly.

# Sed substitution that helps us do robust quoting.  It backslashifies
# metacharacters that are still active within double-quoted strings.
Xsed='sed -e s/^X//'

# The HP-UX ksh and POSIX shell print the target directory to stdout
# if CDPATH is set.
if test \"\${CDPATH+set}\" = set; then CDPATH=; export CDPATH; fi
echo 1
        $echo >> $output "

# This environment variable determines our operation mode.
if test \"\$libtool_install_magic\" = \"$magic\"; then
  # install mode needs the following variables:
echo 2
        $echo >> $output "


echo 3

        $echo >> $output "\
  # When we are sourced in execute mode, \$file and \$echo are already set.

Note the echo #'s to tell me where it broke.  This works, and along with 
configuring GTK/GLIB with --disable-xim, I now have a working panel on Solaris 
2.6 thru 8 again.

I just don't understand why the fixes I made to libtool made a blind bit of 
difference =O(  I hope someone out there does, and can fix the libtool in the 


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