Re: GMC/MC problems SOLVED :-)

> I am running the CVS version of GMC.  I have had the same problem from
> fresh checkouts for weeks.  Mark R. Bowyer <> has
> also reported having the same problem, adding that if he removes the
> "~/directory" directory, GMC will recreate it and the "Home directory"
> link, and subsequently crash.

I need a stack trace and as much information as you can gather from
the crash.

Where are you installing your GNOME libraries?  Where are you
installing your mc binary? (prefixes).

> I am running GMC on FVWM version 2.0.47, which apparently doesn't support
> the desktop icons (at least that's what the warning says).  Could the
> difference in behavior between our GMC and yours be due to the window
> manager?

my window manager is not gnome compliant either, so this is not the


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