Re: GMC/MC problems SOLVED :-)

On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > The GMC problem was due to a remnant from, I believe, an older GMC 
> > version.  Some program put a link from "~/directory/Home directory" to
> > "~". 
> Which version of GMC are you running?  I have the "Home directory"
> link on my system and it works just fine here.

I am running the CVS version of GMC.  I have had the same problem from
fresh checkouts for weeks.  Mark R. Bowyer <> has
also reported having the same problem, adding that if he removes the
"~/directory" directory, GMC will recreate it and the "Home directory"
link, and subsequently crash.

I am running GMC on FVWM version 2.0.47, which apparently doesn't support
the desktop icons (at least that's what the warning says).  Could the
difference in behavior between our GMC and yours be due to the window

Thanks alot,

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