Aisteriot segfaults

Hello Fearless GNOME developers.

I have problem with Sol. It segfaults in the very beginning on the
following lines of code in main() in sol.c:

  dir = gnome_datadir_file (GAMESDIR);
  n_games = scandir (dir, &game_dents, is_game, alphasort);

After call to gnome_datadir_file dir becomes NULL. Subsequent call to
scandir with NULL first argument causes segfault. I have no clue what
the first line should return, and why it can return NULL.

GTK, GLIB 1.1.11
Gnome-* 0.99.1, manually compiled into .src and .i386 RMPS.
The same was in 0.99.0.

Any ideas?

Best regards,

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