Re: Busy-cursor?

>How about having a simple little status window, say in a corner of the
>screen that will simply say
>Loading Netscape [ ] -X

If Gnome will implement code to monitor when launched applications are
ready, it's easy to change the indication to the user. I think your way is
much better than nothing, but likes the hourglass-cursor better because:

x The user can continue working or starting new applications, without the
disturbance of splash-screens etc (you idéa also works like this, as I
understood it)

x Users are always staring at the cursor, and will immediately notice the
hourglass. It's not sure they will notice a status window in the corner. 

x People are used to hourglass-pointers from other OS:s

Peter Åstrand <>,
Master of Computerscience and Engineering student at Linköping University

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