Re: Aha! libpng error is the root of my problems; still need help

On Mon, Jan 04, 1999 at 09:00:11PM -0800, R Pickett wrote:


> but running ldd on each of those shows that none of those are linked to libpng
> at all.  This is libpng-1.0.2, freshly compiled from source to try to figure
> this out.

  I'm not sure which package it was now but when I put GNOME in from scratch
one of them when running 'configure' gave me a warning or error about my
'libpng' being '1.0.2' and said to downgrade. Dug up 1.0.1 from the png
site, removed the 1.0.2, compiled/installed the 1.0.1 and no more problems.

Windows 95 runs best on a VCR.

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