Re: Busy-cursor?

+----- From: dsb3 <>
| On Mon, 4 Jan 1999, Marcus Brubaker wrote:
| >On 4 Jan 1999, Alan Shutko wrote:
| >> >>>>> "M" == Marcus Brubaker <> writes:
| >> M> I think a better idea than this would be a small panel applet to
| >> M> show disk access and perhaps CPU load.
| >> 
| >> But that wouldn't necessarily mean the same thing.  The point of the
| >> busy-cursor thing, as I understood it, was that it would show that
| >> there's an app launched from the panel that's on its way, so don't
| >> keep clicking on it.  
| >
| >Ideally, all apps that take longer than a few seconds, on average, to load
| >should use splash screens.  While I'm not entirely opposed to the cursor
| >idea, I really don't think it is the best solution.
| I've got to disagree with that one ... unless they're all configuration to
| turn to splash screen off.  all it does for me is get in the way of
| whatever else i'm doing while waiting for the program to load.

OS/2 has global settings for splash screens:  you can turn them on or off
*and* specify the maximum time that a splash screen is to be displayed.
I share your dislike of splash screens, but the OS/2 method seems a good

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