GNOME core 0.99.2 package has been released

Hello guys,

   A new version of the GNOME core components have been released.

* Location

You can fetch this version from:


This is a bug fix release of gnome-core.  Please remember that now the
development of gnome-core is taking place on the HEAD branch in CVS.
The GNOME_STABLE branch is now deprecated.

* Features

   Bug fixes in various places.  Too many to list.  Thanks to all of
the testers that have provided good bug reports!

   We have also been killing memory leaks on this release.  Please
keep the bug reports comming.

   GNOME terminal got full geometry management, thanks to Jay for his
work on this program.  George was particulary busy working on this
release of the code, as the panel is now slimmer, and faster. 


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