Re: ORBit build problem on HPUX.

On 4 Jan 1999, Elliot Lee wrote:
> On Mon, 4 Jan 1999 11:29:21 -0500 (EST), Dan Newcombe
> <> wrote:
> >When building ORBit, src/IIOP/connection.c needs to define 
> >around both 
> >	iiop-endianP.h
> >and	netdb.h
> >otherwise h_errno is undeclared on HPUX.
> Defining _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED causes something else important to be
> *undefined* (I have forgotten what exactly...), so that won't work...

Actually, the _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED needs to also encompass the
arpa/inet.h, otherwise it won't fine htons or ntohs.  

I don't know what it causes to be undefined, but I was able to wrap those
three headers in
	#include <>

and it compiled and linked just fine.

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