Our cute little fish has some bugs :((

Greetings Gnome Users, Macintosh Reverts and Amigos :)

        Our lovable little friend Wanda the fish has some bugs :( I love
her so much I had to give her a sister tonight. So i added another Fish
Applet to my panel.  I clicked on both, to recieve those wonderful
messages of wisdom and truth, but unfortunately when i use the X button to
kill either window, it crashes the panel :((  Using the close button on
either is fine, and works appropriately. Its just when the fish recieves
the delete event.  
        I have a suspicion that these fish are like piranhas, alone they
only bite and nip, when in groups, they devour and mutilate.

        On a side note, The drive mount applets seem to be a bit buggy.
Right now, I'm only using  the commands

        enlightenment &

in my .xinitrc because gnome-session races away with all the cpu time.
Been this way for the last 5 or 6 builds for me :( I dont know if using
gnome-session will effect how the fish react, or the drive mount applets.
Inform me if it does. 

Anyways, after exiting X, and restarting, I notice the drive mount applet
likes to start up another mount applet. So when I left, I had two, I come
back and have three. If i leave X and start it up again, I get 4. Quite

I have this problem with the multiload applets. I can exit from X,
everything will be perfectly reasonable, no processes runnning away with
the cpu time, everything is dandy. But when i start X back up, Sometimes,
and not always, maybe 1/4 times, the cpuload applet will race away with
all the cpu time.  At that point, nothing from the panel will execute, I
can raise menu's and such, but nothing executes.  It looks rather neat
when the cpuload does this, it gives kind of a strobe/scanning effect in
the applet :P

Hope some of these can be tracked down and squashed :))) 

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