Re: LibGTop 0.99.1 released

On Mon, Jan 04, 1999 at 12:54:42AM +0100, Martin Baulig wrote:
> Hello all,
> just released LibGTop 0.99.1 - tarballs and RPMS can be found here:
> This release is tagged LIBGTOP_0_99_1 in the CVS tree.
> LibGTop is pretty stable at the moment and already feature freezed for
> GNOME 1.0 so it was time to do an official release of it.

I feel like a joke or something -- but I still can't get it to build.
Does it need LibPropList?  What is the missing 'AM_PATH_GLIB' that's not
found in the library?  I assume that's responsible for the build

So far, I haven't deleted everything that I build before.  I rebuilt
everything from glib on -- and everything else up to this point and
beyond has built uneventfully, and displayed different behavior when I
built the .99.1's.

I'm tempted to download the rpm and do a forced install and see if that
will help matters.

Sorry to be so fussy, but everything else is building and this isn't.
Obviously nobody else is having this problem, so what is different about
my system?  Kernel, compiler, libs?  Is anyone else on a stock RedHat
5.1 with upgrades except the last kernel upgrade?  If it's built for
someone else with the same system, I'd like to find out how they did it.

Rebecca Ore
Creativity is playing with the rule sets

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