Re: Gnumeric

> I've compiled gnumeric and it's a great piece of software.
> The only things I think are missing are excell files opening
> (mswordview seems to have something that can help with this)

This is already in gnumeric 0.4 and gnumeric 0.5

Feel free to report bugs about this.

> and capabilities to generate graphics.

This will have to wait until the Baboon model is finished (right now
its development is paused as we are working hard on the GNOME 1.0

> The other, and the most important, was that gnumeric was unable
> to understand dead keys. This is annoying because I am portuguese
> and my language requires all kinds of .. that are obtained by using 
> my keyboard's dead keys.

This is strange.  I will try to find a solution for this.

Could you try this for me: if you press "F2" and you type in text, do
you get the deadkeys working?

My main probnlem is that I do not know how to activate the dead-keys
support in my X server, so it is difficult for me to debug.


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