Re: gettextize weirdness and gnome-libs compile failure

+----- From: Ulrich Drepper <>
| Date: 03 Jan 1999 09:15:22 -0800
| "Brandon S. Allbery" <> writes:
| > This is a longstanding bug in gettext --- unless the destination tree for the
| > gettextize files already exists at configure time, it installs "flat" and
| > gettextize copies the flattened files.
| This is no bug, it's exactly how it's supposed to work.  You are not
| in the position to decide about bugs.

Would it be asking too much for you to clearly document the reason for this
somewhere where it would be found by someone looking to install the package?
I didn't see it in any README file and no Info node refers to installing
the gettext package itself.  In fact, the Info files all assume the setup
which is *not* the default that installing gettext creates.

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