Re: gettextize weirdness and gnome-libs compile failure

+----- From: R Pickett <>
| Running on the gnome-libs tree does a REALLY strange thing with
| gettextize (Yes, 0.10.35).  When it gets to the part where it's supposed to
| run 'gettextize --force --copy' to update the ./intl directory, it goes ahead
| and nukes ./intl/*, but then creates all of the files it's supposed to create
| in ./intl/* as ./intl-*.  That is, instead of making gnome-libs/intl/VERSION,
| it creates gnome-libs/intl-VERSION, and so forth, for all 20-odd files.  Which,

This is a longstanding bug in gettext --- unless the destination tree for the
gettextize files already exists at configure time, it installs "flat" and
gettextize copies the flattened files.

You need to remove gettext, then rebuild and reinstall it, making sure
that you have precreated the directories in /usr/share/gettext (po and intl)
*before* running configure so it doesn't screw up the install rules.

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