gnomecc -> Enlightenment (nothing shows up!)

Trying to use gnomecc and edit englightenment stuff...
but when I expand Workspace/Enlightenment, I get the Colors,
Audio, etc tabs but when I click on any of the expanded items,
I get nothing! Nothing shows up in the panel!  What gives?

When I do a ps aux it appears that e-conf is tyring to run...

grk      11950 44.5  2.7  5532  2592  p0 S    23:38   0:00 e-conf
--cap-id=4 --id=0 --xid=62914629 --ior=IOR:010000001... (much longer)

Anyone point me in the right direction?  Is this supposed to work?

All sources taking from CVS tree as of today.


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