How Important is the 1.0 release ?

Are all modules under bug inspection (a higher level of scrutiny than
normal) for the 1.0 release ? There are several that come to my mine that
have major deficiencies.  Gedit, with many good features, unfortunately is
borking out in the lately compile. Segfaults on the slightest touch to any
menu button.  GWP, well, what can i say, has a superflous list of bugs and
problems.  Gnumeric, I'm surprised its come this far so fast, and doesn't
crash too often, still some things that'll make it core.  The panel
applets (slashapp, gticker, bussign) dont seem to do anything, esound
manager included.  What is gticker ?:)  Adding d&d to the gnome menu
editor would really make things go easier in there. Is that a bug or a
feature? (they sort of drag and *not drop* at the moment)

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