Bugs in gnome control-center..

I've just downloaded and compiled ORBit, gnome-libs (0.99.1) and
control-center (0.99) just to see how everything was going.

Found a few bugs that cause gnomecc to die:

- Choosing to preview the default theme
- Hitting cancel on a number of the capplets (ie. URL-handlers)

A few of the capplets don't seem to load (don't show anything):

- Workspace/Backgrounds
- Everything under Enlightenment/

These maybe due to things I haven't install (like gnome-core) but maybe an
error-message would be good to have if the capplet doesn't load? 

Improvements that could be made:

- Theme selector could highlight the current theme, the auto-preview
preview's the current theme, but it's not highlighted in the list
- Event name box in Sound/Sound Events needs to be slightly bigger to fit
all the text in

Can't do any programming/fixes now as I'm finishing off my Masters thesis,
but hopefully in the next few months I'll start some hacking.


Tony Keating <keating@mech.uq.edu.au>
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Queensland
PGP Public Key: finger e4321280@student.uq.edu.au

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