Re: Race condition with gnome-name-service

Momchil 'Velco' Velikov wrote:
> Hi, folks.
> There seems to be a race condition when starting gnome-name-service.
> Say, I have .Xclients like this:
> ----8<----
> enlightenment &
> exec gnome-session
> ----8<----
> Session manager starts the name service and then the panel
> and panel dies in goad_server_register(), since gnome_name_service_get()
> returns CORBA_OBJECT_NIL. The attached patch fixes the problem (for me).
> Regards,
> -velco


This is exactly the error I get when I run the panel
through gdb. Ive just applied the patch and am building

Let you know later... 

-- gilad.

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