Re: Problems with panel startup

Marc J. Fraioli wrote:
> I'm having trouble getting panel to start after compiling a bunch of
> the required Gnome stuff on DG/UX, a SYSV-ish UNIX.  I'm trying to
> start it by just invoking "panel" from the shell as a test, which has
> brought it up for me under Linux in the past (with X already running,
> obviously.  DG/UX has X11R5, and I'm using an old fvwm as the WM
> currently.  I think it's version 1.24 or something).  In DG/UX,
> however, doing that does nothing-- the program doesn't core dump, but
> neither does the panel itself ever appear on the screen.  Running under
> the debugger, I get this stack trace:
> Thanks for any insight,

[.. Very long snip...]

>         Marc

I have been getting the same thing recently, After my
last build of glib/gtk/ORBit/gnome-libs/gnome-core recently.

about 2 days ago, the panel used to display a gray surface
on the bottom of my screen, and then die. Now it waits about
5 minutes and THEN it dies.

same goes for gnome-help-browser and balsa, and everything
else which uses ORBit. 

Note: 2 days ago, everything ran fine except the panel,
which used to segfault on startup, and still does.

Im using FreeBSD 3.0-CURRENT in here, But I dont believe
there should be a significant difference.

-- Gilad.

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