RE: The State of GNOME

Not all systems are libc6.


On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, Fox, Kevin M wrote:

>Not a flame or anything but why would anyone want to program for libc5.
>Isn't libc6 better?
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>> >>>>> "Preben" == Preben Randhol <> writes:
>>     Preben> I think that RH 5.1 helped clear out a lot of bugs. None
>>     Preben> else dared to release glibc stuff at that time. Debian
>>     Preben> just hid in their Cathedral overlooking the Bazaar from
>>     Preben> afar and Suse was doing other important things at the
>>     Preben> time. Both have later made the transition to glibc if I'm
>>     Preben> not very much mistaken.
>> I don't mean to preach, but Debian had a libc6 distribution in
>> development from about December 1996 onward; you could have used the
>> then-unstable 'hamm' distribution any time you wished and helped with
>> development.
>> This was far before even Red Hat 5.0 came out. We simply did not wish
>> to release our first libc6 distribution before it was ready, which
>> paid off. It's STILL pretty tough to develop for both libc5 and libc6
>> on a red hat box; it's trivial on a Debian box.
>> Ben
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