Re: ESD blocks almost every other sound tool

I believe there is a esddsp command that you can use to try to 'reroute'
your sound programs through esd. There is also a flag you can invoke esd
with (I don't remember what it is, try esd -help) that will cause it to
release the lock after a few seconds of inactivity. Does anyone know why
this flag isn't set by default? (that would be too reasonable? ;-)


Kay Molkenthin wrote:

> Hi,
> is there a workaround for this problem available?
> I use mpg123, wvp, ... and everytime I get an Cannot initialize DSP
> error. If I quit gnome and kill esd everything works fine.
> Another Question: How can I kill esd after quitting gnome without typing
> kill XXX???
> Kay.
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