RE: Gnometris Interface Problems

> > It's better, but still different from the Nintendo 
> behavior. Nintendo
> > goes down twice as fast only as long as the button is 
> > pressed, not down
> > all the way (but stop one block short). I don't know how to 
> > describe it
> > other than play the nintendo version or leave it the way it was
> > originally.
> Well, I don't have a Nintendo (they are not that popular in 
> Poland, where I
> live), but I think I see what you mean - fall down fast only 
> when the button
> is pressed. I'll see what can be done about it.

done. Now the down-arrow key changes the "gravity constant" as long as it is
pressed. When you release it, you are back to the previous fall rate.

BTW: I have screwed up the commit of background images (no -kb option) which
corrupted them. It is now fixed - you may try fine backgrounds and are
welcome to add your own.

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