Some problems with Gnome 0.99.8

Hi there,
first of all thank you very much for Gnome! I am using RH 5.2 under
Intel with Gnome 0.99.8
and here are problems I have got using gmc and Drag&Drop (bugs/features
or whatever).


- if you are selecting the name of an Icon for renaming the whole name
gots selected in blue, thats fine.
    If you are now moving withe the cursorkeys the name is not
unselected but the next file in the
    windo gets selected.
- where is the possibility to change the default action for dragging a
file from filerwindow to filerwindow.
    As I understand it, the default action at the moment is moving a
file, but I would prefer a copy action.
    Is this due to the code freezing (?)
- Is there a possibility like in kdfm to get a Supervisor-gmc window  as
a normal user?
- Opening my /usr/bin directory lead to several crashes, it contains
more than 1400 entrys.
- dragging Icons on the desktop arround, seems to be a little bit buggy

- A Dragg&Drop action on a Icon on the panel should have the same action
as such an action on the
    desktop. (Do I miss something here?)
- Taking a application from the panel-menu and placing it on the desktop
leads to a file liike handling
    of this application and not to aplication like handling
- I don't know wheter this action is attended or not, but dragging
something on the desktop gives you
    a move action of the file or application into the desktop directory
of the user who is working at the
    moment. Wouldn' it be better to have a symlink instead of a move ?
Because I am not expecting
   from a desktop application to change my complete structure of my
filesystem, it should just help
    to acces some files and applications faster.

Stefan Mattauch

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