Re: has anyone ported gnome to HP-UX?

> Has anyone created any gnome binaries for HP-UX?

Some of them.
At the moment I keep running into problem with the shared libraries,
but I can't figure out whether the Makefile is the problem, gnome is,
the system or I. Kaffe has the same type of problem (but those
Makefiles and libtool work the same way...)

Philippe Defert mails regularly to this list that he compiled several
Gnome packages/versions on several OS's, including some changes he had
to make to get it that far. Check his mails via http.

> I started porting some of the stuff, however I had some problems with
> unresolved symbols in some shared libraries... in IMlib

We have some ImageMagic library installed, but I needed libjpeg, too.
Also, I needed libz (, Berkeley db (,
beware of the version!) and gettext. Of course, GNU versions of lots
of programs are useful.

bison, yacc and such are installed here, presented no problems. The
system administrators here are pretty good.

> Also, it is difficult to know what apps/libraries I need for which
> apps, and which ones I can do without. Is there some sort of
> dependancy graph anywhere? I found some documentation in the gnome
> README, but none for apps like Eterm, or englightenment. (I'm really
> interested in the window manager, and Eterm!)

Did not do these.

Good Luck!

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