gnome and ESD (Was: Re: Where is gnome-audio RPM?)

On Sun, 21 Feb 1999, Yoni Elhanani wrote:

> This question is very popular in here.
> If anyone with access to the gnome webpages is reading this,
> please tell rpm installers to get gnome-audio from noarch.
> As you can read from what i said, Joe,
> it's in noarch, since its only sound files that can run anywhere.
> btw,
> why is gnome-audio required for gnome-libs?
> if i intend to use gnome on a soundless machine,
> i think i dont need a download of (not sure) 4Mbs.
> normal soundless users will just get it and slow down traffic on
> gnome-mirrors
> which is pretty slow anyway.

(Since this is my first post to this list, I feel obliged to say thanks to the
folks who are working on gnome. I just built the latest release and I have to
say that I'm impressed. I only wish I had more time to work with it.)

As far as I can tell, esd only supports 16-bit audio playback. gnome-audio
includes only 16-bit wavs. There are lots of us out here who are stuck with
lame-ass audio cards that don't support 16-bit playback. I don't have time to
do anything about adding 8-bit support to esd, but I can certainly fire up sox
and convert the gnome-audio wavs to 8-bit. Would it be likely that the 8-bit
versions would be included in a future distribution?

David Wollmann
DST / DST Data Conversion

ICQ: 10742063

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