Re: Correct way to start Gnome?


That was the sort of thing I thought gnome-session would do. At least that
way, windowmanagers which aren't necessarily gnome compliant could still be
used without too many problems, although obviously with reduced

I tried using the session manager to have it run /usr/X11R6/bin/wmaker
when gnome starts, but that just completely fails to do anything.

> Would it be better to create a wm-config capplet or something
> have the wm-config be called up by gnome-session in place of the wm
> wm-config would look in ~/.wm for what wm to run.
> if there is no file or nothing in it, it would prompt you for your default
> wm.
> that way when someone is setting up there computer for the first time, they
> get a choice of wm's and they can change it in the future through the gnome
> control center.
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> > Hi,
> > The thing is, that only really works for Enlightenment, as far as I can
> > tell, and I don't really want to use that. Would it be possible to specify
> > a
> > window manager in some config file for gnome-session, so that
> > gnome-session
> > starts (and hence also closes) the window manager with the logout button?
> > Similarly, it could detect when the window manager process dies (e.g. due
> > to
> > user picking an "Exit" menu option) and (at least optionally) close itself
> > when that happens. As far as I can see (although I'm not a programmer)
> > that
> > shouldn't be TOO hard to do.

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